Communion Fellowship Cup (50 pcs)  with anointing oil

Communion Fellowship Cup (50 pcs) with anointing oil

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This set comes with a pack of 50 FELLOWSHIP CUP ® - PREFILLED CUP WITH JUICE AND COMMUNION WAFER & a bottle of 1/4oz POMEGRANATE Anointing Oil.

The Fellowship Cup ® is a prefilled communion cup which contains 100% Concord Grape Juice Blend and Unleavened Wafer

  • Prefilled Ready to Serve communion cup with juice and wafer
  • No Refrigeration Needed
  • Easy Access to Elements
  • "One Pass" Serving – Designed to perfectly fit in communion trays
  • The Fellowship Cup ® is guaranteed to be fresh if used by date stamped on the package


Broadman POMEGRANATE Anointing Oil consists of 1/4 oz. of extra virgin olive oil and the fragrances of POMEGRANATE, packaged in a glass vial which measures 5/8" x 2 1/2". The vial is topped with a screw tight plastic lid. Perfectly sized for pocket or purse, this anointing oil is ideal to carry for hospital, home, and caregiving facility visits. The amount of oil is generous enough for multiple applications. 

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Available for purchase in a box of 500 or in a pack of 50 at Faithworks bookstore




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