Operating in Power of God's Grace

Operating in Power of God's Grace

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Does God stare down at us in unyielding disapproval? No, says author Robert Henderson. God's gaze toward us is one of kindness and love. "Understanding his heart and expression," he adds, "changes everything." God is ready to pour out his unmerited favor on his children. It is up to us to receive it.


Always keying in on Scripture, global apostolic leader Robert Henderson shows how accessible the grace of God really is. He identifies the benefits of grace and how it will help you

- overcome hardship

- increase in fruitfulness

- live in strength

- walk under the control of the Holy Spirit and be free

- and more


God's grace is abundantly available. Discover how you can receive it in the midst of life's hardships. You need dwell no longer in weakness, but in goodness and holiness.

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