Unlocking The Bible (Large Print Edition)

Unlocking The Bible (Large Print Edition)

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How to read the Bible as a whole

Taking an overview of the unique story of God's relationship with his people, Unlocking the Bible gives a real sense of the sweep of biblical history and its implications for our lives.

Unlocking the Bible brings together a lifetime's worth of insights from David Pawson, widely respected as an international writer and speaker, into the meaning of Bible events and teaching. The culture, historical background and spiritual significance of all the important events are explained, with careful examination of their wider impact, right up to the present day. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to grips with the Bible as a whole.

David Pawson writes in the foreword: "I suppose I am what the French bluntly call a 'vulgarizer'. That is someone who takes what the academics teach and make it simple enough for the 'common' people to understand. I am content with that. As one old lady said to me, after I had expounded a quite profound passage of Scripture, 'You broke it up small enough for us to take it in.' I have, in fact, always aimed to so teach that a 12-year-old boy could understand and remember my message."


*NOTE: This is the True Potential North American large format edition, not the original Harper Collins (UK). We've made more than 100 additions and corrections specified by David Pawson, expanded the trim size to 7 x 10, and printed in high quality offset paper. A much nicer, easier to read, and updated edition from the original.


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