Unhindered! Power Principles for the Extraordinary Christian Life

Unhindered! Power Principles for the Extraordinary Christian Life

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Apostle Luke chose the Greek term, akolutos, “unhindered,” as the last word in the Book of Acts, to show us, how the unhindered Christian life is to be lived! The New Testament Church knew that their success in soul-winning depended on the coming and consuming power of the Spirit. In fact, their service, soul-winning, and sermons were done through the Spirit. When Pentecost came, that early church had something swords could not silence, water could not drown, storms could not stop, fire could not burn, demons could not defeat, and jails could not hold! It was the convicting and convincing power of the Holy Spirit that overcame the imperial might of Rome, the sagacious sophistication of the Greeks, and the religious bigotry of the Jews. The Holy Spirit crossed all cultures, broke all barriers, and overcame all obstacles. 

In "Unhindered! Power Principles for the Extraordinary Christian Life", Dr. James O. Davis, unpacks all 28 chapters of the Book of Acts and masterfully applies its principles to the reader’s modern world. Through the inspirational writing of Dr. Davis, he creatively outlines the Book of Acts with Establishing The Foundation (Acts 1:1-5:42); Explaining The Faith (Acts 6:1–12:25), and Evangelizing The Foreign (Acts 12:1-28:31). You will be both informed and inspired to live the unhindered life through the power of the Holy Spirit. As you read this Christ- centered book, your heart will be enriched, your faith will be expanded and your mind will be enlightened with the principles taught throughout its pages. We may not be unharmed, but we can be unhindered; we may at times be unhappy, but we can be unhindered; we may be unhelped by this world, but God’s mission will be unhindered through his power. May we live for the unstoppable Christian mission!


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