Resting Place Bundle

Resting Place Bundle

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Discover our handpicked bundle sets, created with women in mind, a combination that brings together a captivating book, a charming watercolor bird pouch from Foi En Dieu, and a matching pair of earrings.

Included in this bundle:

The Resting Place by Bill Johnson (Original Price: $18.90)
Immerse yourself in the pages of this insightful book as it takes you on a journey of finding inner peace and spiritual growth.

Watercolor Bird Pouch (Original Price: $18.00)
Adorned with a delicate watercolor bird design, this pouch from Foi En Dieu serves as a stylish accessory while also being a practical storage solution.

Pair of Earrings (Original Price: $12.00)
Enhance your look with a carefully selected pair of earrings that complement the overall theme of the bundle. Please note that the design may vary based on availability.

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