NIrV The Books of the Bible for Kids: New Testament

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NIrV, The Books of the Bible for Kids is a 4-volume abridged Bible study that strips the Bible of its chapter and verse numbers, headings, and special formatting so that it's easier to read and accessible to all. Each volume is broken down into an 8-week reading plan that includes daily reading and questions for discussion perfect for classroom or small group use. With wide margins, shorter lines, a larger font size, and engaging illustrations, these books are designed especially for developing readers.

New Testament (Book 4) is the fourth book of the NIrV, The Books of the Bible for Kids series (click here to view the 4-volume set). In New Testament (Book 4), readers will learn of the fulfillment of God's promise. New Testament (Book 4) includes: Luke-Acts, 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Romans, Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon, Philippians, 1 Timothy, Titus, 2 Timothy, Matthew, Hebrews, James, Mark, 1-2 Peter, Jude, John, 1-3 John, and Revelation.

The other titles in this series (sold separately) include:

NIrV, The Books of the Bible: Covenant History: Discover the Beginnings of God's People
NIrV, The Books of the Bible: The Prophets: Listen to God's Messenger's Tell about Hope and Truth
NIrV, The Books of the Bible: The Writings: Learn from Stories, Poetry, and Songs
Looking for a way to share this unique Bible reading experience with your church? The four volumes of the NIrV, The Books of the Bible for Kids are included in a kit called the Community Bible Experience: Complete Church Kit, accompanied by curriculum for all ages including adult small groups or Bible classes, student and youth ministry, and preschool, early elementary, and upper elementary children. Now every person in your congregation can read through the entire Bible in a fresh, new way!

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