My Little Devos for Boys - 365 Devotions for Kids

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'My Little Devos for Boys - 365 Devotions for Kids' is an inspirational devotional book from DaySpring written specifically for boys. It provides stories, verses, quotes, and tips that are perfect for parents and young boys to read together every day of the year! This devotional book is a perfect way to encourage your son or young family member to spend time in God's Word, grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God, and apply biblical principles in everyday living.

Sample Copy:

76 - Always Tell the Truth

But when the Spirit of truth comes, he will lead you into all truth.

John 16:13 NCV


Sometimes telling the truth can be hard. That's when it's tempting to tell a lie. But even when telling the truth is hard, it's still easier - and better - to tell the truth than it is to live with the consequences of telling a lie. Telling a lie can be easier in the beginning, but it's always harder in the end! In the end, when people find out that you've been untruthful, they may feel hurt and you will feel embarrassed.

So make this promise to yourself, and keep it: always tell the truth from the start. You'll be doing yourself a big favor, and you'll be obeying the Word of God. Truth will triumph. The Father of truth will win, and the followers of truth will be saved. - Max Lucado


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