Modern Prophets: A Toolkit for Everyone on Hearing God's Voice

Modern Prophets: A Toolkit for Everyone on Hearing God's Voice

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A theological and experiential reformation on Prophecy! 


Prophecy is not just about hearing God's voice, but administering God's will in every area of life. Much of the prophetic today is elusive and unapproachable. Practical tools of healthy theology are changing everything. 


The dreams and desires of God for every person are made available through prophecy. Business plans are perfected, kidnapped victims are discovered, government officials elected by means of this gift. The benefits are truly endless. It’s time we become Modern Prophets.


Learn how to administrate the gift, ministry, and office of Prophecy. Go on a journey of incorporating the prophetic into your life.


Modern Prophets guides readers through dozens of topics like: 


The Theology of the Prophetic

Historical Context of Prophecy

Current Context for Prophecy

Ways God Speaks

Benefits of Prophecy

Getting a Word Wrong

The Psychology of the prophetic

The Individual Growth Process in the Prophetic

Testing Words and feedback

Building self-accountability

Holding prophets accountable

The Administration of the Prophetic

Defining responsibility of the prophet

Building relational accountability

Nurturing a prophetic community

Appointing someone to the office of a Prophet

How to prophesy over others in a way that is useful to them

And so much more… 


Modern Prophets makes the prophetic useful, practical, and real in every sphere of society! 

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