Little Kingdom Heroes T-Shirt: Daniel the Visionary

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Raised as a member of Jewish nobility, Daniel was taken from the land of Israel to the Babylonian empire at an young age. There, he was groomed to be an advisor in the King Nebuchadnezzar's court.

Even as a boy, Daniel and his friends rejected the food of the king. They were unwilling to defile himself with food that had been sacrificed to idols. While this act of faith and obedience was shunned by those around him, Daniel stood out amongst his peers and God gave him favour in the eyes of the king and his fellow Hebrews.

However, other officials grew jealous of Daniel, and they used his obedience to God to trick King Darius to have him thrown into a pit of hungry lions. But God had greater plans for Daniel in that situation; He sent angels to shut the mouth's of the lions, and Daniel survived. Through this miracle, the king issued a decree to every nation in the known world declaring that Daniel’s God be respected.

Daniel the Visionary is a true Little Kingdom Hero. He faithfully served the kings and rulers of his time. Through the interpretation of dreams and visions, he declared messages from God and was a service to all kingdoms. 



  • 100% premium organic cotton
  • Printed with silkscreen using eco-friendly, non-toxic inks
  • Exclusive collaboration design by Daniel's Illustrations
  • Styled with full colour front artwork and character logo on sleeve

Material and Care:

  • Machine wash inside out in cold with gentle cycle or by hand with like colours
  • Tumble dry low or hang to dry
  • Iron inside out with light heat
  • Do not bleach


Size Chart

Size Size 100 Size 110 Size 120

Recommended Age

2-3 Yrs Old 4-5 Yrs Old 6-7 Yrs Old


95-105cm 105-115cm 115-125cm


49-55cm 53-59cm 57-63cm

Note: As these garments are all hand cut, please allow a measurement discrepancy of +/- 1cm. These measurements serve as a guide only.


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