Little Kingdom Heroes T-Shirt: David the Shepherd King

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David was not born into royalty. Before he killed a giant and led armies into battle, he was a shepherd and protected the sheep he looked after.

As the youngest son, David was almost overlooked by his father when the prophet Samuel visited his family in search of the future king of Israel. But God saw the heart of David and anointed him through Samuel as an outward confirmation that this boy was destined for great things.

Though his destiny was great, David had to overcome many challenges and setbacks.  Yet despite his failures, David was known as "a man after God's own heart. After every mistake, he repented of his sin and turned back to God. David's faith in God allowed his weaknesses to reveal God's strength.

David the Shepherd King is a true Little Kingdom Hero. His life is a prophetic history that points toward Jesus Christ, the one true King.



  • 100% premium organic cotton
  • Printed with silkscreen using eco-friendly, non-toxic inks
  • Exclusive collaboration design by Daniel's Illustrations
  • Styled with full colour front artwork and character logo on sleeve

Material and Care:

  • Machine wash inside out in cold with gentle cycle or by hand with like colours
  • Tumble dry low or hang to dry
  • Iron inside out with light heat
  • Do not bleach


Size Chart

Size Size 100 Size 110 Size 120

Recommended Age

2-3 Yrs Old 4-5 Yrs Old 6-7 Yrs Old


95-105cm 105-115cm 115-125cm


49-55cm 53-59cm 57-63cm

Note: As these garments are all hand cut, please allow a measurement discrepancy of +/- 1cm. These measurements serve as a guide only.


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