Dream Big Dream Often

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What is the 'DREAM BIG, DREAM OFTEN' Kids Journal about?

As parents and Children's Church teachers, we play a critical role in the spiritual growth of our children - in nurturing a love for God's Word and His ways, and in encouraging and motivating them towards spiritual discipleship such as Bible-reading, personal devotions, and journaling. 

The  'DREAM BIG, DREAM OFTEN' Kids Journal can be used as an effective tool to anchor your child in cultivating these disciplines as part of their learning journey.

  • This journal is for your child to explore his/her thoughts and ideas, and to enjoy the special time of connecting with family and friends.
  • in this journal, your child will learn how to grow in faith and discover ways to share God's love with others and much more!
  • The journal will also help him/her develop a growth mindset to embrace challenges and failures as opportunities for growth and development. We want to inculcate in our children the love of learning and resilience, that they may grow in grace and in the fear of the Lord. 

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