Washable Silicone Drawing Mat set

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Kids are losing their touch with reality with all the technology that’s available now.

We aim to bring back some beloved traditional methods of entertainment in a fun way that allows their creativity and imagination to shine through!

With cute and friendly hand-drawn creatures and things from all sorts of places and situations, children will love to spend time drawing and colouring all the different elements while learning about them too!

We offer a range of washable silicone drawing mats with easily recognizable depictions of everyday things and creatures. Our silicone mats are tested in Singapore to guarantee safety from harmful chemicals and substances. The mats are soft and thin and easy to fold for parents and children on the go! The silicone Drawing Mats also have a high-temperature tolerance and you can most definitely use the colouring mats as regular table mats during meal times.

But what makes DrawnBy: Washable silicone Drawing Mats really that special is its reusability! Our markers are oil-based and certified by SGS to be non-toxic so that they are safe even for the littlest of hands. The colours are vibrant and yet still so easy to wash off, especially on skin and surfaces!* Perfect for the toddlers who are learning how to colour! With a wet sponge or a wet wipe, the colours wipe off and the mat is reusable in a jiffy which helps save our environment! 


Washable silicone Drawing Mats

Transparent eco-friendly PVC drawstring bags 23 cm H x 10 cm D

Mats are packed in a clear polybag 30 cm H x 40 cm L

Includes 12 non-toxic, oil-based markers in a separate poly bag 14 cm


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