On Being The Antioch Of Asia

On Being The Antioch Of Asia

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Has Singapore been living up to its call as the Antioch of Asia? What happens when churches carry out their missions programs without partnering with missions organisations? Is it healthy for churches to apply popular trends or ideas in missions across different cultural fields? In On Being the Antioch of Asia, W M Syn speaks to 60 missions leaders and pastors about the health of mission practices in churches in Singapore. While churches seem to be embracing this call to be the Antioch of Asia by sending out more missionaries, their lack of partnership with missions organisations and short-term strategies has also led to a host of problems that are negatively affecting the Singapore mission system. This book examines the effectiveness of popular trends and ideas in missions, highlights areas that need strengthening, and proposes a new model of missions partnership between local churches and agencies in order to enable Singapore to fulfil its call as the Antioch of Asia effectively.

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