Freedom From Fear-Overcoming Anxiety Disorders

Freedom From Fear-Overcoming Anxiety Disorders

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Anxiety is a natural human emotion. All of us experience anxiety, often many times a day. Anxiety disorders are common afflictions in the modern world. Dr Leslie Lim’s Freedom from Fear is a concise, factual, easy-to-read book on this topic. He has provided a clear exposition that is likely to benefit patients, their family and friends. It is a book worth reading by anyone interested in this subject.

Freedom from Fear by Dr Leslie Lim is an easy-to-read, comprehensive overview of anxiety disorders. Written at an appropriate level for the general public, it avoids ‘psychobabble’ and has valuable information for allied health workers, and medical and social work students. Dr Lim covers all the important aspects of anxiety disorders, from diagnosis to relevant treatment strategies. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about anxiety as Dr Lim shares his many years of experience and clinical knowledge with the reader.

Freedom from Fear is a timely answer for those who seek to understand fears and worries better. This new book will increase awareness of anxiety disorders and their impact on our lives. It is also an excellent handbook that will help sufferers of these disorders and their caregivers be less afraid of facing the future. An academic psychiatrist, Dr Leslie Lim provides a comprehensive coverage and describes the science behind anxiety disorders with references to numerous research studies.

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