Tozer Speaks To Students

Tozer Speaks To Students

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Are we seeking a sanctified mentality? One of intellect, plus the love of the Father? Are we preparing the way of the Lord through our friendships and habits? Does God have an origin, or is that a word that humans created? Do we know how to accept Christ's saviorship and His Lordship?


Tozer Speaks to Students is a taste of the more philosophical side of A.W. Tozer's theology. He caters to the student's tendency toward intellectualism and uses that as a starting point for his evangelical teachings. He describes the Christian faith to the curious student as an "invasion of our weakness from without."


He appeals to the student's ability to embrace the complex, the strange and the uncanny. He explains the characteristics of God apart from many of the human characteristics that much of popular culture has placed on Him throughout the years. Plus, many of the nuts and bolts of the Christian faith are examined clearly with their defining Biblical truths on hand for clarification.


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