Christ Of The Forty Days, The

Christ Of The Forty Days, The

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In this book, The Christ of the Forty Days, A.B. Simpson tells of the overwhelming experiences of the risen Christ. A.B. Simpson scripturally tells of the 40 days between Christ's resurrection and ascension, His appearance many times to His disciples, His teaching them about the nature of discipleship and His own divine nature and power they need to "go into all the world." In The Christ of the 40 Days, it is with this same power, that A.B. Simpson affirms is no less needed today to accomplish God's work today in all the world.  The Christ of the Forty Days is a triumphant book of overpowering declaration and peace. He wins, He has defeated the aggressor, and Christ has been declared the victor! Christ is not an untouchable unapproachable Christ but is the opposite, knowing that we need Him and allows Himself to be a truly understanding Christ. He is "able to 'sympathize with our weaknesses' and ready to help us in our times of need." But he will also teach us during these times of trials and stress. He even took the opportunity to challenge his disciples during this most stressful time in their lives to "go into all the world and preach the gospel," sending them a clear message of that their real work had just started. The Christ of the Forty Days was originally published in 1883.

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