The Price Of Neglect

The Price Of Neglect

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"Dr. A. W. Tozer, without question, had an 'anointing' for this generation. As an articulate preacher and perspicuous writer, he assumed the role of a reverent forecaster. His so accurate description of unseemly religious and moral conditions and where they were leading the church are black facts that make one wonder about the 'religion' of the evangelical church of our day." — Dr. L. L. King, from the foreword


The Price of Neglect, a collection of editorials written while Dr. Tozer was the editor of Alliance Life, contains one of Tozer’s most consistent messages: Do not neglect the spiritual life, for you cannot afford to.


Tozer warns against rising secularism, which is characterized by a muting or outright compromise of biblical truths, carnal worship, and lifestyles practically identical with that of the world. With a prophetic voice in articulate writing, he pens chapters like:


The Price of Neglect

Lyric Theology

Personal Holiness Is a First

Prayer Changes People—And Things

The Value of a Good Home

On Omitting the Third Stanza

Heed Tozer’s warning in The Price of Neglect, and give your spiritual life the attention it demands.

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