What You Need To Know About God

What You Need To Know About God

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How can I know God is real? How can I be sure He really loves me? Why does He allow so much suffering and evil?  

These questions and more are answered in this guide to getting to know the God who made you, who knows everything about you, and who delights in having you for his child. In twelve lessons for individual or group study, Max Anders helps you think about God in an honest, challenging way. Whether you are stretching to imagine God’s mastery of the universe or struggling to comprehend His compassion for your suffering, this trustworthy, balanced, and easy-to-read resource can be your personal guide to a life-changing discovery. 


So many believe in Him, but none have seen Him.  He has the power to divide the waters, calm the storm, create the universe, and touch your soul.  He is merciful, just, loving, holy and jealous.  He cannot stand sin, yet He delights over His children, all of whom have sinned and fall short of His glory.

Knowing God is an adventure of epic proportions,  He is a paradox on many levels, and no one fully understands Him on this side of heaven.  But we can trust His Word-He Loves us, we are His children, and He rejoices when we believe.  Discover in the pages of this book why He's the God you've always wanted and more!

Inside this guide you'll find:


12 lessons you can complete in under 1 hour each

Real-life application of biblical truth

Explanations of prominent Christian views on the topic

Easy-to-teach resources, including previews and summary features

Question for discussion

Core teachings on Christianity that will challenge any seeker, new believer, or veteran believer looking for a stronger foundation

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