The New Life

The New Life

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"This New Life is a life of wonderful power."


However weak you may feel, you must believe in the Divine power of the life that is in you. This new life has need of time to grow in you and to take possessing of you. Give it time: it shall surely increase.


Pastor Andrew Murray's sincere devotion and depth of conviction is obvious through his gentle but persuasive teachings.


The New Life focuses on important facets meant to prevent struggles including:


Forgiveness & Cleansing of Sin.

Holiness & Humility.

Righteous & Love.


Power & Weakness.

Burdened for the maturing and nurturing of young believers, Andrew Murray wrote The New Life as "instruction and encouragement, to let them see what a glorious life of power and joy is prepared for them in their Lord Jesus, and how simple the way is to enjoy all this blessing."


"Child of God, live in fellowship with your Father: live the life of faith in your Jesus with an undivided heart, and all fear of falling away shall be taken away from you. The living sealing of the Holy Spirit shall be your assurance of perseverance unto the end."

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