Church History Through The Eyes Of Christ

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Rev. Norman Holmes shows us how Christ gave prophetic Scriptures to explain church history. The reader will see the awesome parallels between the seven parables in Matthew 13 and the seven letters to the churches in the book of Revelation to the history of the church. Within these passages of Scripture can be seen the planting of the church by the preaching of Christ and the apostles, as well as the growth and mixture that ensued, followed by the restoration of the church and the great harvest at the end of the age. Among the topics studied are:

  • The growth, battles, and triumph of the Church
  • How mixture and division entered Christianity
  • The lives and exploits of mighty men of God
  • Islam’s age-long struggle against the Church
  • How revivals started movements and denominations
  • The Church’s completion of the Great Commission
  • Preparing to reign with Christ in the Millennium